The technologies and products exhibited at IPACK-IMA 2018 will be divided up into "BUSINESS COMMUNITIES" representing the various target markets.


First introduced in 2015, these business communities will be used to determine the layout of IPACK-IMA 2018. Each hall will host one or more business communities to make attendance of the show simpler and more productive for visitors.

IPACK-IMA 2018 is organising a new business community devoted to the global luxury lifestyle industry.
Starting from the next edition, professionals in the Clothing, Art de la Table, Hard Luxury, Accessories and Perfumery sectors will find technological solutions tailored to their specific requirements.

The luxury market continues to see a positive trend with moderate growth forecast for the coming years (average annual growth rate of 2-3%), driven mainly by Chinese consumers.
The global market for high-end personal goods was worth a total of 253 billion euros in 2015, an increase of 13% at current exchange rates (+1% at constant exchange rates).
 (Source: Monitor Bain/Altagamma)