IPACK-MAT: technology  in packaging

IPACK-MAT, which will make its debut at IPACK-IMA 2018, is a new exhibition devoted entirely to innovative packaging materials and containers.
This first edition of the show will explore highly topical issues including anti-counterfeiting and luxury packaging and will host manufacturers of materials, semi-finished products, components and products with a high level of innovation.

• RFID, NFC and UHF sensors and tags
• traceability systems
• special pigments and inks
• conductive materials
• displays.

The event is presented in conjunction with the Plast companion project Plast-Mat and is organised in cooperation with Material ConneXion.


PLAN THE FUTURE: sustainability in processing and packaging

Organised in partnership with CONAI, the National Packaging Consortium, Plan the future will promote the development of sustainable packaging.

PACKAGING DESIGN: awards and exhibitions on industrial design and innovative packaging

The exhibition will host the presentation of the Packaging Oscars, an event organised by the Italian Institute of Packaging. The theme for 2018 will be technological innovation linked to design.


FOCUS ON E-ECOMMERCE & PACKAGING: all the aspects of logistics and packaging at the centre of competition and innovation in e-commerce.
E-commerce generates more than 15 million deliveries per month in Italy and is expanding by 24% a year: how is it impacting the world of food and processing and packaging technologies? To explore this theme, the Italian Electronic Commerce Consortium Netcomm, in collaboration with IPACK-IMA, is organising: 2nd Netcomm Focus Packaging & E-commerce, 31 May 2018

IPACK-IMA AGAINST FOOD WASTE:  the international Conference “Save Food” in collaboration with Interpack, will bring case histories of fighting against food waste together with technology experts fromcompanies in Italy and around the world

THE WORLD OF PASTA MEETS AT IPACK-IMA: A.P.PA.FRE., the Association of fresh pasta small and medium producers, will gather its members for an associative meeting and an open workshop.

FOOD CONTACT MATERIALS ON STAGE: a workshop focused on legislation and impacts on packaging production with the supervision of research companies and universities.