Aybakar: innovations in the milling machinery & equipment

Established in 1932, the Turkish company Aybakar is a leading milling systems producer, with hundreds of flour mills all over the world. Their accumulated know-how does not only cover grain milling but also powder handling and grain handling.

We spoke with Bora Çiçek, Sales Representative, to better understand the company's strategies.


1.      What are the prospects leading up to IPACK-IMA 2025 and what does this participation represent for you?

The IPACK-IMA exhibition is a prominent event in the packaging and processing industry. Leading up to IPACK-IMA 2025, it is likely that companies working, as we do, in the sector, would be preparing to showcase their latest innovations and technological advancements in packaging, processing machinery, and materials.

The exhibition provides an opportunity for industry players to present their products and solutions to a global audience, build partnerships, and explore potential collaborations.

For participants, being present at IPACK-IMA can represent a chance to gain visibility, network with peers, and stay informed about the latest trends and developments in the sector.


2.      What technological solutions and innovations are you currently working on?


The specific technological solutions and innovations that companies are working on, would depend on their respective areas of expertise and market demands. However, some trends that were prevalent up to 2022 and on which we are focusing on, include smart packaging solutions with IoT integration, automation and robotics in packaging processes, advanced materials for sustainable packaging, and enhanced traceability systems to meet regulatory requirements and ensure product authenticity.

3.      Sustainability and digitalization: what contribution can your technologies make?


Sustainability and digitalization are two crucial areas that companies are increasingly focusing on. Regarding sustainability, the packaging industry has been working towards eco-friendly materials, recyclable and biodegradable packaging, and reducing waste throughout the supply chain.

Embracing digitalization involves integrating data-driven technologies, AI, and IoT to optimize processes, improve efficiency, and enhance supply chain management.

The technologies showcased at IPACK-IMA would likely aim to make significant contributions in these areas to address environmental concerns and streamline operations.

4.      Which direction is the market moving in?


The market trends in the packaging and processing industry were pointing towards increased sustainability, automation, and digitization up to 2022.

Consumers were becoming more environmentally conscious, demanding eco-friendly packaging solutions, and governments were implementing stricter regulations on packaging waste. Automation and digitalization were also gaining momentum to enhance productivity, reduce errors, and enable more agile and responsive manufacturing processes. These trends are expected to continue shaping the market direction leading up to future exhibitions like IPACK-IMA 2025.