Best packaging 2024: focus on accessible packaging

Entries are now open for the 2024 edition of the Best Packaging contest, promoted by the Istituto Italiano Imballaggio, with the support of Ipack-Ima, Conai and Packaging Ethics Charter Foundation.


It is a historic - the first edition dates back to 1957 - and ever-evolving competition that focuses on the most significant trends in the industry that drive companies' research and development, and each year rewards and promotes innovation in packaging design.


The 2024 edition is dedicated to highlighting solutions that stand out in terms of planning and design in the direction of accessibility to content, i.e. to make the product easier to access and use for the end consumer but also for the professional operator.


In this context, we speak of material and immaterial accessibility to the product, which passes through information.


Material access to the product is ensured with various tools: affordance, the invitation to use, easy open, peelability, calibrated dispensers, pourers, fruition accessories, but also ergonomics, inclusivity for weak users or, on the contrary, limited accessibility, such as burglar-proof and child-proof closures, easy handling, for professional operators, frustration free for e-commerce addicts and, finally, even ease of disposal.


Intangible access considers various factors: the immediate identification of the product or brand, the understanding of the product itself, e.g. duration and characteristics, the layout with the correct hierarchical distribution of information, the choice of high-contrast graphics, font and size, usage guidelines, through text and infographics, the use of braille and QR codes activating video and audio apps.


As a corollary to the central theme, as every year, a number of special prizes are also awarded: environment and technological innovation.


In addition, a third prize dedicated to the student target group has been added: it will be awarded to a master's thesis, from any faculty, that presents an innovative project related to packaging and applies at least three values of the Ethical Packaging Charter.


The closing date for entries is 15 December 2023.


The long-awaited finalists and winners of the contest willinstead be revealed from 15 to 21 April 2024, during Design Week in Milan.


To participate, you must read and sign the rules and regulations, which can be downloaded from the Best Packaging section of the website and provide the required materials.