Future pack: eco-friendly solutions for the food & beverage world

Future pack is a Korean company that started its activity in 1985 as a manufacturer of Paper cup machine, and is particularly sensitive to the issue of environmental sustainability and eco-fiendly packaging.

We talked to Ally Jang, Assistant Manager, to deepen corporate strategies.


Why did you decide to participate in a fair like IPACK-IMA?

Basically, we expect the demand for plastic machines to decrease more and more, due to the current environmental problems and the constant attention this issue is generating.

Instead, we think there will be more and more demand for nature-friendly paper cup machines, in order to serve industry demands.


Exhibiting at the fair will therefore be a good opportunity to promote our paper cup & paper lid machine using the water-based coated paper we developed at this time.

These days, due to global warming problems, almost countries are moving to reduce plastic as much as possible in order to preserve the environment.


So, paper products are emerging as substitutes for plastic products.

And generally, these nature-friendly policies are always pioneered in European Union countries (e.g., Germany, France, Italy.. ).

In line with this trend, we decided to participate in IPACK-IMA to show our new technologies. Moreover, It is an excellent opportunity to be updated and test the eco-friendly packing flow as a whole.

What does this show represent for your company?

Previously, paper cup machines and paper lid machines using 1PE or 2PE coated paper were mainly sold.

At the upcoming IPACK-IMA exhibition, we would like to inform everyone that there is a machine capable of producing paper products with a water-based coating.


In addition, the trade fair is a great way to highlight and show professionals the environment-friendly aspect of our company, in which we are investing a lot.


What technological solutions and innovations are you currently working on, and what contribution can your technologies make towards sustainability?

Most paper cup lids have always been plastic-based.

As I said before, recently, environmental problems have become serious and regulations such as 'plastic use reduction' are emerging in many countries.


Most of them used PE (polyethylene), a plastic material used for paper cups and lids, but recently there has been a trend to switch to PLA, an environmentally friendly water-based coated paper.

This change will be an essential factor as well as a major turning point for for manufacturers of such machines.


This is the direction the market is moving in, and we are confident that more and more paper cup machine manufacturers from other countries and developed countries will pursue the goal of 'plastic free' in the future.