Giflex conference in Milan: focus on food waste

Reducing losses along the production chain is a priority issue for Ipack Ima, Giflex's partner at the conference 'Flexible Packaging: Lightness Reduces Food Waste', organised in Milan this Monday,  November 6.


Food waste, its socio-economic impact, the effects of climate change: this is the theme chosen by the organisers and will be explored in depth with the latest news on the European PPWR regulation to round off the day.


Billions of tonnes of foodstuffs are thrown away annually, generating a huge socio-economic and environmental impact. Curbing this phenomenon is crucial and flexible packaging can play an active role in this regard, as Valerio Soli, President of Ipack Ima srl, comments.


"The urgency of reducing food loss and waste can no longer be underestimated because, as the FAO reminds us, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development aims to halve per capita food waste globally and reduce food losses along the production and supply chains.

Packaging is one of the turning points in this global challenge and flexible packaging, in particular, is one of the most widely used packages in the food industry.

In Italy, we excel at the European level in the production of flexible packaging, a sector that has always been well represented at our IPACK-IMA event, whose main target market is food".


Consistent with Giflex's values and mission, IPACK-IMA will continue to pay special attention to issues related to sustainability, recycling and responsibility towards the environment and therefore primary, secondary and tertiary packaging materials will be the real protagonists of the 2025 edition of the exhibition".