IPACK-IMA and Giflex: Partners for Sustainable and Innovative Packaging

Giflex, the Italian Flexible Packaging Group is delighted to have IPACK-IMA 2025 at its side, in Rome, next April on the 17th and 18th on the occasion of the traditional in-depth analysis and networking congress entitled "Flexible Packaging Storytelling".


"We are delighted that IPACK-IMA 2025 is once again alongside Giflex this year at our Spring Congress. Packaging and packaging technologies can only dialogue together to design, in a constant supply chain dialogue, packaging that is increasingly responsive to consumer needs. We are proud representatives and spokespeople of Made in Italy in the world. It is our job to tell, and do it well, the story, the talents and the innovations of which we are capable and to pass on these values to the future entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Our events and Ipack-Ima 2025 will be the ideal venues to do so,' says Alberto Palaveri, President of Giflex.


One of the key topics at the two-day event in Rome is the role of packaging in brand reputation in relation to consumer perceptions, evaluations and expectations as seen by brand owners and retailers such as Andrea Canale (Loacker), Michele Cantisani (Bolton Group), Marta Schiraldi (Nestlè) and Chiara Faenza (Coop Italia).


Coinciding with the Giflex congress is also the conclusion of a process that has held and continues to hold the packaging industry in suspense in view of the European vote on the Packaging Regulation (PPWR), currently scheduled for 22-25 April (last useful plenary session of the European Parliament before the elections on 9 June).


Together with Roberta Colotta (FPE) and Francesca Siciliano Stevens (Europen), as well as important institutional presences, this will be the occasion to tell how the regulation will impact the future of packaging, when the games are played.


GIFLEX (a specialisation group of Assografici, which in turn is part of the Paper and Graphics Federation), established in 1985, is the national association of flexible packaging manufacturers for food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industrial applications. It currently represents 43 flexible packaging companies and 57 sympathetic members. The flexible packaging industry employs around 10,000 people in Italy, has a production of around 400,000 tonnes and a turnover of more than EUR 3 billion. The converting companies associated with Giflex represent around 80% of the sector in Italy both in volume and turnover.


Partners of the Giflex 2024 congress: COIM, IPACK-IMA MILAN, 27-30 May 2025, ROSSINI