Ipack-Ima Lab: a real laboratory for packaging

IPACK-IMA 2025 will once again be enhanced by an exhibition area dedicated to the theme of product safety and preservation, an issue closely interconnected with the world of food packaging.


The "Ipack Ima Lab - Solutions for Product Testing & Certification" organised in collaboration with the Istituto Italiano Imballaggio (Italian Packaging Institute) will be an opportunity to give space during the event to laboratories, certification and research institutes specialised in quality and compliance testing related to MOCA regulations, materials and objects that may come into contact with food. 


Packaging fulfils several functions, both in the food sector and in the normal packaging of consumer goods. It enables the transport and preservation of goods, supporting the maintenance of correct thermal conditions and preventing contamination from external agents. 


More and more often we speak of a 'functional barrier', meaning a structure, consisting of one or more layers of any type of material, with characteristics that block or limit the passage of undesirable species.


A network of laboratories, carefully selected and accredited, will be present at the exhibition to guarantee the reliability and precision of the results proposed, obtained through the rigorous application of quality standards, where the possibility of conducting specific tests not only makes it possible to verify the barrier's effective activity, but also represents a concrete support in the product R&D phase.


Ipack Ima Lab is therefore configured as a real advanced laboratory for packaging within IPACK-IMA, to meet the dual challenge of responding to the ever-increasing attention towards more sustainable packaging that conforms to the canons of the circular economy but, at the same time, guaranteeing high food safety standards for the product inside.


Full details of the special area and how to join will be available soon on the IPACK-IMA website.