Manufacturing of the future and digital servitisation

One of the watchwords in industry 4.0 right now is "servitisation", which involves manufacturers adding advanced, integrated digital services to their products.


With expressions such as “Equipment as a Service” for the world of automation and “heat as a service” and “pay-per wash” for domestic appliances have introduced the concept of sale or rental of hardware integrated into the supply of soaps and detergents.


In this context, servitisation offers an interesting way of differencing business and protecting companies during times of economic crisis and challenging circumstances by focusing on the customer's needs and the company's ability to provide integrated, custom solutions. Servitization in the capital goods industry thus becomes a process, a growth factor, and a key element in increasing sales and end-user loyalty.


The manufacturer of a product therefore also provides accompanying services, offering a turnkey solution to the need wherever it lies, whether in business, production, or everyday domestic life. Digitalisation is underway at all levels and so digital servitisation is fast becoming an established concept, in which smart products become a vehicle for the provision of smart services spanning hardware, embedded software, and system integration.


Mario Rapaccini, from the University of Florence and scientific director at ASAP Service Management Forum,  discusses the issue at length in ItaliaImballaggio. Click here to read the article.