Mintel anticipates 2024 trends in Food & Beverage

Mintel, as every year, charts the trends for the future of food and beverage with the Global Food and Drink Trends and for 2024, three mega trends await us, outlined in as many slogans:


“Trust the process”: trust extends to process, and communication must adapt, clear communication will become necessary to help consumers make informed decisions on how to select foods and beverages, based on the processing systems applied. We expect to see a growing interest in less processed foods and beverages made from recycled ingredients rich in vitamins, minerals, fibre, protein and other nutrients. Preference will be given to products that undergo minimal processes that do not deteriorate their nutritional properties.


“Age reframed”: Generation X, consumers over 40, represent the most significant share of food&bev expenditure in many markets; therefore, brands should consider their nutritional, physical, mental and emotional needs and innovate products and formulations for issues such as cardiovascular health and stress. Brands can thus promote healthy ageing by ensuring that nutrient-rich foods and beverages are accessible, convenient and affordable for all active agers.


“Eating optimized”: looks at convenience, comfort, ease of use. Artificial intelligence, augmented reality and other technological tools will save valuable time in the kitchen, in a world where cutting time in front of the cooker, as well as the time to get a food from the fridge to the table, is increasingly appreciated. For retailers, developments will come in the form of real-time shopping assistance, such as push notifications, personalised alerts and AI could help consumers find ingredients or products while they are in shops, travelling or shopping online.


Among the most interesting developments in the report is an overview of how brands innovate in this changing environment.


And so here we have vending machines not only for the distribution of packaged products, but which respond to the needs of a community, such as the desire for quick and hot meals on university campuses, apps with recipes designed to reduce food waste by using what is left in the refrigerator, or based on vegetarian, vegan or 'without' diets. An innovative and high-tech offer in continuous evolution, responding to the needs expressed by the 43% of American consumers ready to shop with virtual reality or the 38% of Italian consumers willing to use it to make their F&B consumption experience more engaging.


For further information: MINTEL Global Food & Drink Trends