Sevenseas: a unique recycling service to help all sectors manage their waste


With over 14 years of expertise in the recycling and flexible packaging industry, Sevenseas International Ltd stands as a well-established company. Committed to preserving tomorrow's environment, the company responds to the escalating demand for recyclable materials with smart strategic solutions for industrial waste.


We spoke with Ms. Namrita Chhabra-Lakhlani, Business Development Manager, about the company's strategies, also in view of the upcoming participation in the exhibition.


What are the prospects leading up to IPACK-IMA 2025 and what does this participation represent for you?


We are thrilled to once again be exhibiting at IPACK-IMA 2025. Engaging with companies across Europe will enable us to raise awareness of how we can contribute to waste management and advocate for more sustainable solutions.


We hope to connect with many producers and packaging companies, helping them manage their raw materials waste, and supplying recycled granules to support their sustainable practices.


What does the company specialise in?


Our specialisation lies in the procurement and sale of flexible packaging materials, including paper, plastics, and aluminium, across various grades of secondary raw materials. These include single and multi-later complex materials.


We offer a unique recycling service, enabling waste producers from all industrial and commercial sectors to manage their waste from collection to recovery, regardless of the type, volume or location of waste. In addition to this, we supply recycled raw materials such as PCR and PIR granulates to producers of flexible packaging.


With a strong presence in Europe, we strategically partner with businesses across the industry, serving as a vital link between waste producers and end consumers. In a short period of time, we have achieved a prominent position in the industry and developed strong ties with our customers worldwide.


Sevenseas dedicates itself to delivering optimal service and value for our clientele through eco-friendly business practices. Our collaborative efforts extend to manufacturers, printers, converters, packaging factories, and waste management companies.


Recycling and sustainability: what services can you offer in this regard?


Being part of the recycling industry is our first step towards preserving the environment. We operate in a manner to minimise any harm to the environment.


It is well known that everyday activities generate large amounts of waste that have an impact on the environment. In this context, recycling has become increasingly important as a central element of waste reduction. Recycling waste is not only beneficial for the environment, but also helps companies to operate in a sustainable and ethical manner, helping future generations.


Which direction is the market moving in?


In an era where sustainability is paramount, we consider it an intrinsic aspect of progress. Committed to sustainable practices, our vision is to strenghthen and expand our business while making conscientious efforts to ensure sustainability for future generations.


Our solutions are meticulously designed for waste producers and packaging companies across Europe and the USA, representing diverse industrial and business sectors. We offer comprehensive waste management solutions, from collection to recovery, tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients.