With RAMAC, packaging for technical products focuses on digitalisation and sustainability

Vicenza-based company RAMAC Packaging Machinery S.r.l. specialises in the design and development of wrapping and packaging solutions for technical products. Whether it is screws, toys, hardware, or plumbing components it is handling, RAMAC makes the most of its great custom design abilities to meet customers' requirements with an approach focusing on simplicity, intuitiveness, and low management costs.


We discussed RAMAC's cutting-edge packaging solutions with Giulia Cavedon, from the company's Legal & Sustainability department, who began by describing the technological innovations the company is concentrating on right now.


What are the technology solutions, in particular the innovations, you are working on at the moment?

RAMAC operates in the design and production of packaging machinery for technical items such as pipe fittings, small parts, furniture hardware, plastic components, toys, and other parts of this kind. According to our corporate vision statement, we aim to “Customise designs according to every request, becoming your specialist packaging partner for technical products” This offers an insight into the approach the company takes to managing its customers' requests and endeavouring to meet their various needs.

We invest heavily and constantly in innovating and improving our production systems, to make them increasingly accurate and dependable. This activity is further strengthened by our close relationship with suppliers that are particularly focused on researching and developing new technologies. Together, we share the primary goal of devising increasingly high-performance solutions. One - of many - examples is the viewing systems incorporated into our devices for sorting and counting components fed at high speeds; this technology enables us to eliminate anything which could spoil the production batches, offering clear quality benefits for the final packaged goods.


What innovations will you be showcasing at the next fair and what advantages will they offer in terms of sustainable development and/or digitalisation?


Regarding the digitalisation aspect, all our machinery has been managed for many years by industrial computers which, as now connected up via our corporate network, allow the exchange of information with the customer's management system. This means we could work remotely on their systems in the event of technical problems or if changes are needed to the program installed on the PLC.


As far as sustainability is concerned, the RAMAC solutions implemented over the years have made it possible to run the machines with different kinds of film, ranging from the conventional polythene version to industrially recycled polythene, from bio-based compostable films to paper, depending on the customer's needs. What's more, the demand to replace polythene with paper has increased over the last two years, and we have been ready to meet that demand for some time now, without forgetting - also in terms of sustainability - that our machines are all designed for low energy consumption.


Trends and the future of the industry: what way is the market heading?


The market is moving increasingly towards sustainability, with demand for alternative packaging films conveying one particular direction the market is taking. Even before technology, our mission statement responds to this demand, through the company's slogan: “Your Product, Our Package – we are committed to offering you a bespoke machine for every one of your products, striving constantly for high quality”.


In line with our statement, we want to answer these needs in the most effective way possible, by investing in research and development with a view to sustainability.  These concepts will be conveyed through the outstanding solutions we will be showcasing at IPACK-IMA 2025