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European pharma market looks at the future

Many revolutionary innovations are planned for solving and treata number of serious diseases: cancer, Alzheimer's, HIV etc. A look ahead to the next 10 years, where the European pharmaceutical industry, which plays a leading role worldwide, expects to make a major contribution in meeting unmet needs over many areas of disease while benefit patients and society.  


The European pharma industry employs 830,000 people across the continent, with related industries tripling the workforce employed in the sector. Investment in R&D in 2020 alone exceeded €39,000 million, in a market of  €293.213 billion, to which Italy contributes with a production value of over €34,000 million, ranking first together with France and Germany.              


We wont rest is the international campaign launched by EFPIA - the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industry - designed to highlight the role that this highly R&D-oriented industrial sector plays in the search for solutions for diseases that go beyond the Covid emergency.


Source: EPFIA Key Data 2021