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Omas Tecnosistemi: from fillers to complete systems for small production runs and large cosmetic and pharmaceutical lines

Omas Tecnosistemi is a company specialising in the design and manufacture of fully automatic filling and capping machines for the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical and food industries. Present on the national and international market through a global network of distributors all over the world, the company designs, manufactures and assembles its machines in its own factories, guaranteeing flexibility and high reliability. Continuous investments in structural technology and the use of high-tech tools in the field of design and production allow Omas Tecnosistemi to offer quality and highly specialized products. Savino Giudici, President of Omas Tecnosistemi, talks about this.




What technology do you particularly value at this time?

Our product range can meet the needs of small batches, but we are able to achieve high productivity with in-continuous lines. We start with semi-automatic  fillers for liquids, creams and powders, and then move on to automatic machines and complete systems. The last ones include: turboemulsifiers, melters for fatty substances, mixers, dissolvers, sterile air bottle cleaning machines, filling and capping machines (for bottles, vials, sprays, droppers, syrups, ophthalmological solutions, non-injectable syringes, polypropylene, laminated and aluminium tubes for creams and ointments), labelling machines,  rotary  tables for bottle loading and accumulation  . Accessory machines complete our turnkey proposal. All our solutions are suitable for installation under laminar flow or in clean rooms. In the last year, thanks to the acquisition of important national and international orders for pharmaceutical industries, we have implemented the production of melters, turboemulsifiers and mixers of both small and large dimensions. Moreover, the quality of our products is guaranteed both by high-tech solutions and certified raw materials, procedures and welding process.



What are your expectations upon the event?

Everything will depend on how the pandemic develops and on the Government decree in force, which unfortunately have been decisive in the last two years and have caused the postponement of the fairs. Where they have taken place, there have been fewer exhibitors and fewer visitors. However, given the seasonal period in which Pharmintech will be held, we are very confident and expect to have a good number of visitors from the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, healthcare and cosmetics sectors. We will showcase as much complete range as possible appealing to multiple types of companies.



Which outlooks do you see for the market in 2022?


The year 2021 has closed with a growth of about 12%, and for 2022 we already have excellent orders, especially from the Italian market, which still benefits from tax breaks on 4.0 law. Abroad, we see growth again in Russia, but also in the UK and South America. We have excellent feedback from the cosmetics, healthcare and nutraceutical sectors. In the nutraceutical sector, we have both filling machines for supplements and dissolvers and turbo emulsifiers to be delivered in spring.