Alternative cereals on the rise and substantial stability in pasta consumption in the period 2020-2024.

Pasta and alternative raw materials markets produce positive results with a CAGR of + 3.2% in the 2020-2024 period for a total value of 110,303 million euros expected for 2024 for pasta and a + 5.2% quantified in 171,400 million euros for alternative cereals in the same period.


Looking in details on international markets, alternative cereals show positive and growing values ​​in Italy, Europe and in the American continent, while for pasta the performances are less significant. The Italian market is expected to grow at + 1.5% for alternative cereals, with an estimated value for 2024 of 1,473 million euros, while pasta sees a decline with a CAGR of - 1.6% that means a turnover of 3,958 million euro.


Shifting attention to the European market, alternative cereals express important values ​​in terms of market growth, at + 3.0% and turnover, expected in 2024, at 37,894 million euros, while pasta sees a CAGR slightly down to - 0.1% with 18,652 million.


In conclusion, the two markets growth is limited but consistent, with + 0.7% for pasta and + 1.4% for alternative cereals, which obtain the best performance in the 2020-2024 period with 25,872 million euros against 18,278 planned for pasta in 2024.


Source: Ipack Ima Business Monitor in cooperation with Mecs