MYipackima is online!

IPACK-IMA launches the new version of MYipackima, the innovative digital platform where exhibitors and buyers can look for the perfect match to develop new opportunities. MYipackima marks the digital transformation of the fair, whose goals are to integrate business opportunities and digital networking to the traditional exhibition model.

Whether it's stand appointments or virtual meetings, any time, between now and 2022, it is useful to create new contacts, enhance your offer, identify new customers, reach different targets. MYipackima allows you to create new contacts between exhibitors and buyers before, during and after the Fair.


How to access MYipackima?


Clicking here will open a form for entering your data: the more precise the profiling, the more effective the match making will be. Once the form has been completed, just wait for the confirmation of registration to start browsing.

Myipackima connects exhibitors and buyers by suggesting contacts and facilitating free search with an integrated chat for a direct dialogue with operators on the platform.


The digital transition of the trade fair world is an indispensable step to face the new market challenges, where the fair extends its activity beyond the boundaries of the dates of performance: we are waiting for you on MYipackima!