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UCIMA, optimism and growing data at the 2021 Assembly

The Ucima annual meeting was held on 13 September, where the position of the sector with respect to the industrial vision of the country was considered for which a long-term strategy is hoped for, with public interventions ranging from the training offer to rebalancing of social security, from the efficiency of the healthcare sector to tax reform. Furthermore, the ecological transition is fundamental, on which the companies in the sector have been active for years, with a growing attention to aspects of sustainability, from waste management to the efficiency of processes, from consumption to the choice of materials.


The Italian industry has a leading role in the development of the circular economy and in the application of sustainability policies in the field, on which the sector is ready, thanks to companies that have invested for years and therefore aligned with the stringent parameters required by the Green European deal. Examples are the machines produced by the sector, which are increasingly efficient from an economic and ecological point of view.


UCIMA has also set up a working group for emergency management, focused on issues ranging from the supply chain to the green pass, from the 4.0 transition to the desired support provided by the Government for companies in crisis. The first half of 2021, however, begins with the plus sign, thanks to 21% and an export of + 14.3% which brings the sector back to the performance of the pre-pandemic period.


Finally, on the order front, growth stood at + 10.7%, while the sector survey carried out by MECS confirms the 2020 turnover with 7.8 billion, in line with 2018 data, result of the work of over 600 companies surveyed that employ more than 37,000 employees, increased by 2000 units in 2020 alone.


Data: UCIMA Study Center - MECS STUDIES