Omag and Markem-Imaje: packaging and industrial automation between sustainability and safety

Omag and Markem-Imaje will make their contribution with important application experiences of connection between the world of packaging and industrial automation’s one during the digital event "Automation in packaging. Stories of sustainability and safety. " organized in collaboration with IPACK-IMA. The digital event, scheduled for June 15 at 10 am, is dedicated to enabling technologies and the application dimension of automation, in terms of sustainability and safety, in the world of packaging.


Manufacturers of automation and robotics systems, OEMs and system integrators will have the opportunity to discuss about key issues in the packaging field, namely product safety and the sustainability of production processes. The meeting is also an opportunity to explore different aspects of the automation-packaging combination, which sees the demand for automation in the packaging industry constantly increasing, in a sector where flexibility and high performance, combined with almost zero downtime, are strategic elements. Automation in this regard represents a technology with numerous benefits that can give manufacturers an important competitive advantage.


During the event, some IPACK-IMA exhibitors will bring case histories as evidence of the trend that sees the sector of packaging and packaging machines as one of the main target markets for automation and robotics technologies.


 "During his speech, Omag will describe the path the company followed to determine the environmental impact of his stick packaging machine" says Giovanni Nocita, Omag Sales Director "Today the awareness of each of us regarding the environment, the fact that this well must be protected, it has strengthened considerably. Each of us in his own small way can do something; Omag wanted to translate this concept also on the industrial level and the first step to take is therefore to "measure" the current situation, understand what are the materials, processes, flows, design, which weigh negatively from this point of view, to then implement improvement actions. Technically, this analysis is called SLCA (Sustainability Life Cycle Assessment) and the final result translates into a colored matrix that visually expresses how much the production of the CS / 10 packaging machine weighs on the environment. During this process, unexpected results have emerged that have given us many interesting insights that we will have the pleasure of sharing with the audience present at the event".


"We specialize in coding and packaging" say Susy Sora, Key Account & OEM Manager South Europe Markem-Imaje and Guido Torriglia, CIS & Systech solutions Sales Manager South Europe Markem-Imaje, "with a package of solutions ranging from hardware to software, from consumables to value added services and customer support. In this context, software is increasingly fundamental in terms of automation and factory connection. Our goal is therefore to be a partner in the optimization of coding processes, compliance, connection of products, understood as components of industrial automation, without forgetting the protection of the brand and management of data in real time, which strengthens the safety concepts intrinsic to our business. A strong component for us is therefore the software part, integrated with a strong focus on sustainability, a theme that we will talk about through case histories in the hardware and consumables field, in which we have developed a line of MEK-free inks to reduce VOC emissions and solvent-free Touch Dry® inks, environmentally friendly and safe for operators to handle, thanks to their harmless formulation. Solutions therefore attentive to the environment, to the reduction of waste, resources and materials, the result of Markem-Imaje's attention to sustainability, combined with the concepts of automation and connectivity typical of industry 4.0 ".


The other speakers of the event also include Aetna Group / Robopac, a world leader in the packaging sector specialized in end-of-line solutions, including semi-automatic wrapping machines with smart technology, cutting-edge automatic machines, industrial shrinkwrappers, tailor made packaging solutions.

Among the welcome greetings, Rossano Bozzi, CEO of Ipack Ima srl, will provide some previews on the innovations of IPACK-IMA 2022, an international reference point for the world of processing and packaging: from the targets involved, to the trend topics of the event, digital innovations, attention to the theme of sustainability and the circular economy not only in packaging but in the entire industrial production chain.

The event will be moderated by Chiara Bezzi, editor of the Packaging Review.


Registration for the event is free: click here