ToolSy – Tools for sustainable food supply chains: from efficiency in production processes to plant based food formulations

On 5 May 2022 the second ToolSy event will be held at Ipack-Ima. Two topics will be addressed in depth: enhanced efficiency in agro-businesses and the formulation of plant-based solutions.


The date for the second edition of ToolSy – Instruments for sustainable food supply chains is 5 May 2022 in the international setting of Ipack-Ima, the fair event devoted to food processing.
ToolSy is the smart, applicable and practical event, created and organized by OM, geared towards all players in the supply chain eager to implement sustainable practices in their own production and distribution. The 2022 event, entitled Tools for sustainable food supply chains: from efficiency in production processes to plant based food formulations  will take place in the Sala Eventi of Milan’s Rho Trade Fair pavilions 5/7, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and from 2:30 to 5:30 p.m.

During the morning session, the speakers will indicate the tools available to agro-food businesses to suit their production to environmental requirements, going into depth on the crucial issue of energy efficiency.
The afternoon session will take a multi-disciplinary look at the formulation of plant-based food products whose demand is increasing among consumers for health, environmental and ethical reasons. ToolSy has a twofold objective:

  • To transfer to agro-food businesses the skills they need to enhance efficiency in production in order to reduce their environmental impact and improve their financial performance.
  • To illustrate the formulation of plant-based food by focusing on not only on the ingredients and production processes, but also on nutritional, food security and quality aspects.

Other issues discussed in detail will be the regulatory framework, competitive advantages and economic incentives for businesses.

The ToolSy talks, coordinated by scientific supervisor Amina Ciampella, will be given by experts including those attached to the Enea, the Università di Napoli, Safe Green, and DeFENS Università degli Studi Milano.

Within the framework of green corporate solutions, Toolsy aims to respond to the key questions posed by owners, production and quality officers, agro-food business R&D, quality and food safety consultants, and consultants on industry 4.0, digitalization, efficiency in production, and sustainability of the supply chain, and major supermarket chain managers.


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OM would like to thank in_formare, ENEA, IPACK-IMA and the magazine Food&Tec, the conference’s special media partner, for their support.


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