Your Business Community

Visitors at the heart of the event

8 Business Communities designed to accurately reflect the target markets of the exhibits and provide a smart and easily accessible customer journey, optimizing the visit and the effectiveness of the presence at the fair

The BUSINESS COMMUNITIES have been enhanced to suit the needs of visitors: 8 clear business areas will make it easier for visitors to identify relevant technologies and materials, enabling them to meet with regular suppliers and identify new solutions applicable to all production processes.

Opportunity of specialization and technology transfer for the development of new ideas: a unique experience for professionals who strive for excellence

The food industry

IPACK-IMA has a longstanding leadership position in the food category, thanks to the large range of offerings in this key sector and to the excellence of solutions on display for the food sector.

2018 - The FOOD Visitors:
21% Food, Fresh & Convenience
16% Pasta, Bakery & Milling
12% Confectionary
11% Beverage

Countries of origin:
68% Europe
17% Asia
9% North & South America
6% Africa

New classifications:
Food, Fresh & Convenience
Pasta, Bakery & Milling
Sweets, Confectionery & Snacks
Liquid Food & Beverage

Non-Food Industry

Solutions for processing & packaging and materials for the Pharma & Nutritional, Chemicals & Home Care, Beauty & Personal Care, Industrial & Durable Goods Industries.

2018 - The NON FOOD Visitors:
16% Industrial & Durable Goods
11% Chemicals, Industrial & Home
9% Health & Personal Care
4% Fashion & Luxury

Countries of origin:
68% Europe
17% Asia
9% North & South America
6% Africa

New classifications:
Pharma & Nutritional
Beauty & Personal Care
Chemicals & Home Care
Industrial & Durable Goods

For all the productions

The exhibition offer is completed by materials for wrapping and packaging, as well as transversal technologies such as labeling, coding & tracking, and end of line: solutions applicable to multiple production sector.