Another record year for packaging

The Mecs–Ucima Study Center pre-consumptions anticipate data of a market of packaging technology manufacturers for the year 2023.


For the first time in history, the Italian wrapping and packaging industry has broken the € 9 billion turnover mark, recording an increase of 6% on 2022 and confirming the constant growth trend reported over the last three years.


Exports are high and, overall, make up 81.3% of the turnover and a total value of €7.36 billion, which translates into a growth rate of 12%.


Positive trends were registered all over: the most dynamic destination markets are North America, with a growth of 25%, in addition to the European Union, which is up 17%, Asia at +22%, and South America with +31%. The domestic market, however, has recorded a concerning drop of 14% against 2022, with a total value that currently stands at €1.68 billion.