IPACK-Mat: Packaging Innovation Incubator

More than 200 companies enrich IPACK-IMA’s offering with specialised proposals on the materials front. This heritage of expertise and innovation is enhanced at the show by the IPACK-Mat brand, a project that also features an area dedicated to companies specialising in eco-friendly and smart materials.


Under the name "IPACK-Mat - Packing Materials for Product Development", IPACK-IMA aims to make it easy to identify companies operating in the production of materials and proposing innovative and green solutions


Between sustainability and new materials


In a special area in Hall 5, space is planned for new-generation solutions capable of meeting the needs of sustainability and production rationalisation: innovative solutions such as, corrugated cardboard, super resistant for packaging special goods and ideal for e-commerce, single-material barrier films, or cellulose containers, resistant to high temperatures, and even "talking labels”.


Full details of the special areas will be online shortly on the IPACK-IMA website.