Expected growth of almost 4% by 2026 for packaging machinery

The Ucima-MECS Research Centre recently published the latest 2023 edition of Cube, the econometric forecasting model for the global packaging machinery market. This new edition of Cube provides growth forecasts through to 2026 and includes detailed data for 70 countries, 11 technologies and six downstream sectors. It has revised up its average annual growth forecast for the world packaging technology market through to 2026 to +3.8% (with +4.4% in Asia and +5.3% in Africa).


According to the Cube forecasts, the global packaging machinery market will reach a total value of € 59.2 billion by 2026 (€ 10 billion more than at present). The export growth of Italian manufacturers will average +2.4 %, a figure influenced by the global socio-economic situation.


The UCIMA-MECS Study Centre is available for further information: