Food market is growing, so good news for the packaging

There is no market segment that is not growing, looking at European and global food data. Starting from rice and cereals, for example, the EU market sees a CAGR forecast of + 1.7% in the period 2021-2025, strengthened to 2.8% if we look at the world market, confirmed by a solid + 2.3 in Italy. A consistent trend, albeit with less significant performances, for sugar and coffee. On the first front, in fact, + 1.4% in Europe was added to + 1.2% worldwide and a more contained + 0.3% in Italy. Similar values for coffee, which will experience a +1.8% growth on a global scale, reduced, but with a positive sign, to +1.2 in Europe and +1.1 in the Italian market (Source: Ipack Ima Business Monitor in cooperation with MECS).



The positive trend in the food sector only strengthens the business prospects for packaging machine manufacturers; the figures just published by Ucima, show a return to pre-covid performance, with a positive sign for both the domestic market (+18%) and exports (+5%) and a 2022 with 7 months of production already assured for an overall turnover of over 8 billion, up 8% compared to the result recorded in 2020 (Source: Ucima).