Cardboard packaging: stable market worldwide until 2024

The paper and cardboard packaging market, key players in the explosion of the e-commerce sector in 2020, offers stable – or even growing - outlooks almost everywhere in the world, with a slisght decrease only on the American continent which sees a forecast of - 0.3% CAGR by 2024.


In a global market with an expected value of 1,153, 217 million units of packeged products in 2024 for a CAGR of + 1.0%, Asia growing market stands out at +1.9%, along with Africa and Oceania at + 3.8%.


European market faces an average growth with a + 0.3% and volumes of products estimated at 72.891 million units. Italy, according to forecasts, is holding stil with a market estimated value of 7.447 million products expected in 2024.


Source: Ipack Ima Business Monitor in cooperation with Mecs