It is a growing market the one of pasta and milling that, according to the Ipack Ima Business Monitor powered by MECS, will see a significant growth in the four-year period 2020-2024 with expected values of 3.6%.Among the most promising markets, Africa sees a +6.0% for the pasta market, 7.0% for rice and 8.4% for other cereals. But good performance also for Asia and Oceania with a 3.3% growth for the pasta and rice market and a 6.1% for other cereals.

In low decrease the European market, with pasta at -0,1%, rice at -0,6% but with a + 3,0% growth for the voice of other cereals; positive voice also for the Italian market, at + 1,5 expected, following at a certain distance, the global positive trend of a +5,2%. This is higher than the positive trends of rice, at +3,2% and pasta at +2,3%. Important values that, in billions of euros, speak for a global market of over 500 billion, of which 315,000 of the rice side, more than 110,000 of pasta and more than 170,000 of other cereals.

Pasta, milling and packaging market: a segment that holds

In line with the growth figures of the sector, which see a substantial holding with imported performance of some markets in particular Asia and Africa, also packaging market shows a positive sign, despite the hard period of consumption recovery affected by a complex macroeconomic framework.

The forecast sees a CAGR of +0.2% for the period 2020-2022 globally, which de facto brings the next 3 years to the levels of 2019, thus reducing the inevitable fall of 2020. Awarded the quality and the innovation of Italian companies, expected with better market performances, thanks to a CAGR expected to +1.2% for the period 2020-2022.