The digital transformation starts from Myipackima

The transition towards digital, combined with the historical physicality of the trade fair sector, is an indispensable step to face the new market challenges raised in 2020, so that the fair extends its attractiveness and networking capacity far beyond the boundaries of the exhibition dates.

Combining business and virtual networking opportunities with the traditional model of trade fairs is the goal of the digital transformation of Ipack Ima, which on April 15 launches the renewed version of the MYipackima B2B matching system. Whether it's in-stand appointments or virtual meetings, any time between now and 2022, is good for doing business, looking for new contacts, enhancing your offer, identifying new customers, reaching different targets.

The detailed profiling of each new subscriber, developed thanks to the knowledge of the Ipack Ima team, allows each registered member to place themselves correctly in the market and be identified by potential business partners thanks to the effectiveness of MYipackima match making.


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