Liquid food and beverage: positive trend in Italy and in the world

The global liquid food and beverage market is the protagonist of a positive trend in the period 2019-2023.


The beverage, presents in fact a +1.7 cagr, with a volume of product that in kg and liters stands at values estimated at 1215 million. In this market, it is interesting to observe the values expressed by the sector of Italian packaging machine manufacturers, where food and beverages, at +1.7%, account for 58.2% of the 7.81 billion of total turnover of the sector. In this context, the customer share of beverages is 2032 million euros in revenues, equal to 26% of the overall market value.


Moving on to liquid food, the positive trend does not change, with a more significant leap in growth. The positive trend in the period observed sees more dynamic performances that lead to a forecast of +3.0 cagr, for a production that will be, in 2023, 311.815 million kg/liter. (Source: Ipack Ima Business Monitor in collaboration with MECS)

Passando al liquid food, la tendenza positiva non cambia, con un balzo di crescita più significativo. Il trend positivo nel periodo osservato vede performance più dinamiche che lo portano a una previsione del +3,0 cagr, per una produzione che si attesterà, nel 2023, sui 311,815 milioni di kg/litri.



(Fonte: Ipack Ima Business Monitor in collaborazione con MECS)