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Coesia at IPACK-IMA and Pharmintech: a single partner for all business needs

Coesia is a group of 21 companies specializing in highly innovative industrial and 

packaging solutions, based in Bologna, Italy. Coesia companies are leaders in the fields of

advanced automatic machines, packaging materials, industrial process solutions and

precision gears. Coesia's customers dominate a wide range of sectors in the market, such

as aerospace, ceramics, pharmaceuticals, electronics, healthcare, automotive, tobacco,

consumer and luxury goods.


Coesia is participating in Pharmintech (Hall 2P - Stand A94 B95) and also in IPACK-IMA

(Hall 7P - Stand A22 B21) in Milan from 3 to 6 May, 2022.


Thanks to the companies of the Group, Coesia is able to offer a complete portfolio of

solutions and services for customers facing the new market challenges, increasingly

focused on greater sustainability and the digitalization of processes, both in the

Pharma sector  and in the Consumer sector.


In Milan, eight Group Companies (ACMA, Atlantic Zeiser, Citus Kalix, FlexLink, GF, HAPA,

Norden and Volpak) will present their latest innovations in production, printing and

factory automation that are aimed at improving production efficiency, increasing the

digitalization of operations and reducing the ecological footprint of packaging for the

consumer and pharmaceutical markets.


In the Coesia stand at Pharmintech (Hall 2P - Stand A94 B95), the following parties will be



GF, an expert in turnkey solutions for the primary packaging of injectable drugs in vials,

ampoules, cartridges, syringes and bottles, will present the AV-E inspection machine: fully

automated and developed to treat vials, bottles and cartridges filled with injectable solutions

and lyophilized products. It is the ideal solution to meet the requirements of GMP (Good

Manufacturing Practice) and to ensure that the products are essentially free of foreign

particles. Through its extensive network of experienced technicians around the world,

complete portfolio of products and services and continuous development of modern and

customized solutions, GF supports customers in facing new challenges and in improving

efficiency and quality of service.


HAPA, a company specializing in digital printing for pharmaceuticals, will present the new

5D Web 4.0, capable of implementing inline digital prints and constantly inspecting

packaging materials for the pharmaceutical and healthcare market. The 5D Web 4.0

delivers high reliability and print clarity with vivid colors as well as greater process control

over a wide range of substrates on the web. With the 5D Web 4.0, printing and inspection

are integrated to improve work processes, thereby reducing the number of operations, the

risks of the validation stages, and installation and commissioning times.


Enflex, a Volpak brand, is presenting the F-11, a machine that manufactures, fills and

seals flat flexible envelopes specifically designed for the pharmaceutical industry.

The F11 is suitable for packaging a wide range of products, such as pharmaceutical powders,

pills, medical devices, over-the-counter medicines, wipes and swabs. The machine on

display has a new design for the protection and better accessibility of operators, ensuring

the use of sustainable mono-materials instead of common plastics. The F-11 is equipped

with a new dosing system to meet high levels of hygiene.



In the Coesia stand at IPACK-IMA (Hall 7P - Stand A22 B21) the following parties will be



FlexLink, a company specialized in handling solutions, robotics and production line design,

will present the RI20 industrial palletizer and the RC12 collaborative palletizer:

palletizing solutions that make production planning more flexible thanks to the fact that they

are mobile, compact, easy to assemble and install and, when necessary, quickly moved. In

addition, FlexLink will demonstrate how fast and easy production line simulation is with the

FlexLink Design Tool (FLDT). FlexLink experts will be available at Pharmintech's Coesia

stand to demonstrate how industrial automation can improve high-level pharmaceutical

production as well as the efficiency of packaging medical products.


ACMA, a leader in the production of packaging machines in the consumer goods market,

will participate with two chocolate packaging machines for flat-base and round-base

chocolates: the CW 800 and the CW 600. The company will also be presenting for the first

time the Material Gate, an innovative system for testing new sustainable materials in twist

style, and the complete portfolio of eco-friendly packaging it has designed.

Atlantic Zeiser, a company specializing in inline printing, presents the Digiline Vario, a

new system for direct printing on flexible materials, which delivers significant benefits of

just-in-time printing and customization for the wrapping of all packaging formats. The

Digiline Vario is designed to ensure flexibility and agility in packaging operations,

drastically reducing time to market.


CITUS KALIX, a company specializing in packaging machines for the cosmetics sector, will

be presenting the KP 600 EVO cartoner: Completely renovated, compact, and automatic,

this easy-to-use machine is capable of handling pharmaceutical products, fragrances and

delicate cosmetics at 60 strokes per minute. The tool-less format change system is simple and fast,

and can be executed by any  operator, regardless of their level of competence.

Switching from one format to another takes less than 10 minutes and the speed adapts to all daily operations.


Norden, a leader in the supply of high-performance systems for the filling of pipes and the

cartoning and packaging of pipes, will present: the NM702 tube-filling machine that fills

and seals and the NTP80 machine for the packaging of trays. These solutions are

designed for an increasingly dynamic market in order to enhance production efficiency.


Coesia focuses more and more on digital tools and services - fundamental pillars of its

business strategy - to optimize the efficiency of machines, lines, entire factories and

customer service, as well as to enhance solutions that are increasingly sustainable.

In fact, in the two stands (IPACK-IMA and Pharmintech) there will be an area dedicated to

Coesia Digital and customer service, featuring the latest innovations.


Sustainability remains one of the fundamental pillars of Coesia's strategy. The majority of

the machines on display are already able to handle sustainable materials, such as paper

films or mono-material films.

Moreover, a special area of the stand will be dedicated to the sustainability and eco

sustainable packaging offered by Coesia companies.

The Coesia Shelf of Sustainable Solutions will also be on display in the stands at both

Pharmintech and IPACK-IMA, featuring many new developments. The two shelves offer a

total of more than 50 sustainable solutions for multiple applications.



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